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Farmer Marketing Collective (FMC) – Name Badal Karez  

Farmer Marketing Collectives (FMCs) play an important role in the development, professionalization and market orientation of farmers and to create a marketable surplus of products and sufficient economies of scale and volumes to become an attractive partner for traders.
Farmers Marketing Collectives have been established with the support of the FAO’s project Australia Balochistan Agriculture programmes (AusABBA) in Balochistan. An FMC is an informal association of small farmers to enable them to efficiently market their produce, increase their sales and realize higher margins. FMCs enable aggregation of small surpluses into larger commercial volumes and creating economies of scale and thereby reducing costs and improving prices. The ultimate goal of a FMC is to make more profit and increase the income of the FMC members.
Farmers in the project areas in Balochistan used to sell their produce ex-farm and in case of orchards at blossom to the local traders/pre-harvest contractors at low prices due to small uneconomical individual loads (no substantial marketable surplus), lack of marketing orientation and market linkages, poor negotiation power and low risk bearing capacity.
FMCs are not officially registered as cooperatives, but FMCs among other features have Bylaws, an executive body, conduct regular meetings (including minutes), plan their business, and maintain stock and sales registers and accounts.

Contact Us

Name Nadeem Ahmed

  • President
  • CNIC # : 54102-007217-7
  • Contact #: +92 3422230864
  • Email:
  • WhatsApp : +92 3422230864
  • Skype ID : Nil

Name Abdul Shakoor

  • Treasurer
  • CNIC #: 54102-2097380-7
  • Contact #: 03448022818
  • Email:
  • WhatsApp : +92 3448022818
  • Skype ID : NIL


S No. Name of Member Father Name Designation CNIC No. Contact Number
1. Nadeem Ahmed Abdul Salam President


54102-007217-7 03422230864
2. Abdul Shakoor Haji Abdul Treasurer 54102-2097380-7 03448022818
3. Abdul Baqi Mohd Aslam member 54102-4531059-7 03441120249
4. Bebarq khan Haji doulat Khan Treasurer 54102-225948-7 04448023034
5. Abdul Rasheed Mohd Ayoub member 54102-8854703-5 03438148251
6. mohd imran Ali ahmed member 54102-2504485-9 03448228601
7. Mohd Youns Habib ullah member 54102-0729153-5 03438156575
8. Mohd Azam Raza mohd member 54102-3154071-7 03438219468
9 inyatullah Mohd ameer member 54102-4108921-5 03448237722
10 Abdul waheed Ameer Hamza member 54012-4309107-7 03428046025